Auto Accidents and Serious Back Injuries

Sep 30, 2013 — by Gary Zucker
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Auto Accidents - Neck, Back, Spinal Cord InjuriesAll injuries that are caused by the negligence of another person need to be taken very seriously. The responsible party needs to be held accountable and made to pay for their negligent actions as well. This is particularly true when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. Serious auto accidents can cause life-altering injuries that can have a devastating effect.

Our personal injury attorneys would like to take a few moments right now to focus on the sorts of auto accidents that result in injuries to the neck and spine.

Serious Auto Accidents and Major Injuries

When a person is involved in a serious auto accident, the chance for major bodily harm and injury is increased. This may be the result of high speeds or sudden impacts, or it may be the result of poor road conditions and vehicle design. Whatever the case, serious accidents often mean major injury.

Why Injuries to the Back Need to Be Taken Seriously

When an injury to the back occurs, it can affect the mobility and maneuverability of a person. This could mean missing work for weeks as you recover. For extremely serious injuries, surgery may be required to restore even reduced mobility, which can be costly and mean years and years of physical therapy.

Is paralysis a possibility?

Yes. Paralysis from auto accidents can occur, especially if a victim has sustained serious trauma to the neck or spinal column. It's for this reason that our auto accident attorneys fight so diligently for the injured following a major auto accident.

About Paraplegia and Quadriplegia

There are two kinds of serious permanent paralysis that can occur as a result of a major back injury or neck injury:

  • Paraplegia - This refers to the loss of motor and sensory function of the lower extremities.
  • Quadriplegia (aka Tetraplegia) - This refers to the loss of motor and sensory function of the lower limbs, upper limbs, and the torso.

What Our Legal Team Will Do for You

When our legal team helps those who have suffered a serious back injury, we will fight with great tenacity in order to hold the negligent party accountable. This means that we will work tirelessly to ensure that you or your loved one receives damages to cover medical expenses, physical therapy, and damage to any property that occurred because of the accident.

When the back or neck injury causes lasting changes to your mobility, we will also be sure to seek damages that cover diminished earning potential and/or loss of future earnings. This will all be important to consider when we build a case that works for you.

Speak with Our Personal Injury Lawyers About Your Legal Options

If you or someone that you love has suffered from a serious back injury as a result of an auto accident, be sure to contact our Brooklyn, New York personal injury law firm today. Our legal team looks forward to discussing all of your legal options in greater detail so that you can have a strong case against the negligent party who caused the motor vehicle accident to occur.

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