Auto Accidents and Poor Road Conditions By Zucker & Regev, P.C. on January 24, 2014

Auto Accidents and Poor Road Conditions

So many people drive in and out of New York City every day. Given the amount of traffic on the road, it's crucial that city and state officials properly care for these roadways. Pot holes, poor lines, and other factors can lead to bumpy and even dangerous rides. These kinds of conditions shouldn't be tolerated as they can lead to serious accidents.

Our team of personal injury attorneys would like to take a few minutes right now to consider auto accidents that are caused by poor road conditions. These happen more often than you may think, and it's important that people know that there are legal options even if another motorist on the road was not responsible for a collision.

What does poor road conditions refer to?

Poor road conditions refers to various factors of a small street, highway, or major thoroughfare that affect safe and normal driving. This could be related to the general design of a given roadway, the general condition of the roadway itself, and other factors.

Poor Road Design and Auto Accidents

Poor road design refers to various factors in the nature of a given roadway that may contribute to unsafe conditions for motorists. This includes:

  • Problems with visibility
  • Blind turns
  • Awkward intersections
  • Obstacles in the middle of the road
  • Lack of nighttime lighting
  • Inadequate signage
  • Cluttered or confusing signage
  • Lack of traffic signals

In all of the above cases, the roadway itself makes driving difficult and, because of this, contributes to accidents occurring.

Poor Road Maintenance and Auto Accidents

Another issue related to road conditions and auto accidents involves general maintenance of roadways. Our auto accident attorneys notice a number of these kinds of cases, particularly on busy streets. Some of the common maintenance issues include:

  • Potholes
  • General wear of the road
  • Malfunctioning traffic signals
  • Missing or obscured traffic signs
  • Unmarked work sites
  • Unmarked road work in progress

Poor Road Conditions Exacerbated By Bad Weather

Compounding poor road design and maintenance is the effect of bad weather on poor roads. Rain can make lane lines difficult to see, for example, or can result in flooding on some roadways. In the case of flooding, this can increase the chances of drivers losing control behind the wheel as their vehicle hydroplanes or cannot find proper traction/contact with the road.

Given the amount of snow we've seen recently, salting the roadways and plowing the road is extremely important. This prevents ice, slippery conditions, and obstructions that make driving in the snow very dangerous.

Holding the Proper Parties Responsible

Our legal team feels that city and state authorities need to take road maintenance seriously, particularly given the kinds of accidents that can occur. We will look into the nature of your case and then take the responsible parties to task. This is a chance to call on those in power to make positive change for the sake of motorists and even pedestrians and bicyclists.

Learn More About Auto Accident Cases

For more information about auto accidents that are caused by bad road conditions, poor design of roads, and other factors related to maintenance of our highways and city streets, be sure to contact our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys today. Our legal team will fight for you and your rights as well as the safety and well-being of all motorists who drive in New York City.

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