Truck Accidents and Faulty Equipment By Zucker & Regev, P.C. on February 17, 2014

Truck Accidents and Faulty Equipment

We take all kinds of motor vehicle collisions seriously at our practice given the way that they can change people's lives for years and years to come. When major accidents occur, our personal injury attorneys always strive to hold the negligent party or parties responsible, no matter who they are or what the nature of the accident may be. This is particularly important when it comes to major truck accidents that are caused by vehicle malfunctions and related errors.

Right now, our legal team would like to consider the nature of serious truck accidents that are the result of mechanical errors and faulty equipment.

The Seriousness of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents themselves are quite serious given the size of the vehicle involved. A large truck and its attached trailer can lead to major, multi-car pileups, placing numerous motorists at risk as well as pedestrians and bicyclists.

How Faulty Equipment Can Lead to Truck Accidents

Faulty equipment on a truck can make the vehicle very difficult and even unsafe to drive. Steering, braking, and even basic operations can be extremely unsafe to perform, even with ideal road and traffic conditions in place.

Examples of Defective Trucking Equipment

Some of the most common examples of defective equipment that our auto accident attorneys see in trucking accidents include the following:

  • Bad brakes
  • Bad tires
  • Poor steering
  • Trailer problems

These problems may be the result of poor vehicle or parts assembly or bad maintenance of the trucking fleet. Both of these issues have to be taken seriously.

Truck Drivers and Other Motorists Are at Risk of Injury and Death

When a truck has faulty parts or malfunctioning parts, this places all motorists on the road at risk. Not only are drivers in smaller vehicles susceptible to major injuries, but so are the truck drivers themselves. This can be particularly tragic for the truck driver since he or she may be otherwise driving safely, yet they are put in danger through no fault of their own.

How We Will Hold the Negligent Party/Parties Responsible

During your truck accident case, our legal team will be sure to examine the exact cause or causes of the collision. When faulty equipment is the issue, we will be sure to hold any and all negligent parties responsible for the issue.

If the makers of the auto parts were responsible for the accident occurring, our team will be sure to hold that company responsible for their negligent distribution and sale of a dangerous auto part. We will fight to ensure that the faulty part is recalled and that similar instances do not occur in the future.

If the trucking company is responsible for the accident occurring due to poor maintenance or a related issue, we will be sure to hold the heads of that company responsible for putting their own drivers and other motorists at risk. The company's fleet of trucks should be in proper working order to ensure the safety of all parties on the road.

Learn More About Auto Accident Litigation

For more information about truck accidents and how our legal team can help you in your time of legal need, be sure to contact our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you receive just compensation for any losses you have sustained.

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