Auto Accidents and Rural Roads: The Dangers Motorists Face By Zucker & Regev, P.C. on April 30, 2015

The aftermath of a major auto accident

The legal team here at Gary A. Zucker & Associates, P.C. understand that roads and highways in Brooklyn can be so dangerous. Auto accidents that are the result of negligence need to be taken seriously, and our team of lawyers will be there for you.

Sometimes it's important to take a break from the city and head somewhere serene and pastoral. Getting there can be dangerous, however. With that in mind, let's consider the dangers of traveling on rural roads.

Rural Roads Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

Even though people think that rural roads are quaint and idyllic, the fact of the matter is that rural roads can pose some major dangers to motorists of all kinds. It's important that you abide by all traffic rules and drive carefully wherever you go.

These tips below will help you understand the dangerous nature of rural roads.

Drivers May Take More Risks on Rural Roads

One of the biggest dangers on rural roads is other motorists. Sometimes drivers will act irresponsibly while they are on the road, taking risks that they would not on otherwise take on city streets or the highway. This includes excessive speeding, weaving, driving while using their cellphone, or even driving drunk or while under the influence of illicit drugs. Any of these reckless behaviors increases the chances of a serious auto accident occurring.

Two-Lane Roads Pose a Number of Threats in Both Directions

Many rural roads are just two lanes, which means one lane of traffic traveling in one direction and another lane of traffic traveling in the opposite direction. The potential for head-on collisions goes up since there is no divider between the lanes.

Head-on collisions are a particular danger when motorists try to overtake slower vehicles ahead of them. This involves driving in the lane where opposite traffic is headed. If you are not careful, you could collide with an oncoming vehicle while attempting to do this.

Poor Road Conditions and Road Debris Can Make Your Drive Dangerous

Rural roads are sometimes not maintained as well or as often as other kinds of streets. In such cases, potholes and other kinds of road damage may be present for long stretches of time, making accidents more likely.

In addition to bad road conditions, debris on the road may not be cleared off and remain there for a long time. This includes rocks and pebbles, fallen branches/limbs, roadkill, tire treads, old tires, trash, and so on.

Bad Weather on Rural Roads Might Be Disastrous

Bad weather is a major hazard for drivers anywhere they are, but on rural roads it can be especially bad. These roads may be poorly lit or subject to flooding and other kinds of dangers. Whenever possible, motorists should travel on unfamiliar rural roads by day and in good weather.

Delayed Response from Emergency Crews on Remote or Isolated Roads

Another serious danger to keep in mind when it comes to rural roads involves emergency response crews. Given how remote these kinds of roads may be, it can take ambulances and other kinds of emergency crews a long time to respond to an accident. This delay in response time can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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