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Personal Injury Damages and Medical FeesWhen you come to the personal injury attorneys at Gary A. Zucker & Associates in Brooklyn, NY, we must evaluate your case and determine what your claim is worth. Nearly every personal injury claim involves compensatory damages, which compensate you for the financial losses you have incurred as a result of your injury. We work with our vast network of medical professionals and financial experts to estimate your personal injury damages and medical fees so that we can ensure any settlement or award you receive covers your expenses.

Personal Injury Damages and Medical Fees

Personal injury cases can involve minor injuries, such as a broken bone, or they can involve serious injuries like brain damage or paralysis. The severity of your injury will play a major role in the amount of compensation we can pursue for your medical fees.

In some cases, a broken bone might require surgery, but in general, the bone will heal and the victim can eventually return to work. With more severe injuries like paralysis, the victim may require a lifetime of medical care and may never return to work. More severe injuries requiring more extensive medical care will result in more compensation for those damages.

Current Medical Expenses

If you were injured in an accident caused by another party, you have probably incurred substantial medical bills before even consulting with an attorney. Any bills you have already received for medical treatment for your injury are included in the compensation we pursue from the negligent party and his or her insurance company. These expenses are easy to calculate as you have already received a bill. If you require future treatments or care, those can prove more difficult.

Future Medical Expenses

Calculating future medical expenses is more difficult, which is why we work with medical professionals and financial experts. They can help us evaluate the severity of your injury and the type of future care you may need. Some victims will need additional surgeries and physical therapy. Others may require the assistance of an in-home nurse.

Additionally, for victims with a permanent disability, medical equipment must also be accounted for. With help from our experts, we will calculate an estimated cost for all your future medical expenses, even if you will require medical care for the rest of your life. Future medical expenses can include:

  • Any surgical procedures, as well as diagnostic tests such as x-rays and MRIs
  • Medications needed to control pain or to assist with some other function
  • Medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or prosthetic limb, as well as any modifications needed for your home or vehicle
  • Physical or cognitive therapy
  • In-home care

Importance of Working with Skilled Attorneys

At Gary A. Zucker & Associates, we have a vast network of professionals who we can turn to for assistance with our personal injury cases. We will accurately calculate the costs of both your current and future medical expenses so that you can receive the medical care you need. Victims who work with less experienced attorneys - or no attorney at all - are likely to receive a fraction of what their case is truly worth.

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