Personal Injury and Rehabilitation Fees: A Road to Recovery By Zucker & Regev, P.C. on July 30, 2018

Undergoing physical therapyIf you have been involved in a major accident, fully recovering from your injury means more than just a hospital stay. Surgery and major medical treatments may be necessary to mend fractured bones, reattach torn ligaments, repair damaged nerves, and address other kinds of injuries. You may even need assistance simply learning to walk again or to grip objects.

This is why our team of Brooklyn, NY personal injury lawyers takes rehabilitation costs into account when seeking legal damages. Both physical therapy and psychological counseling could be required before you are fully healed and can face the world again as you used to.

Undergoing Physical Therapy

After a major injury, working with a physical therapist is essential. A physical therapist helps restore strength, mobility, and use of the damaged parts of your body. This may include stretches and exercises in a professional capacity as well as information on types of exercises you can perform at home.

If you have lost a limb, a physical therapist can help you get used to a prosthetic limb, adapting to your new way of life in a seamless and respectful manner.

The Cost of Physical Therapy

The cost of physical therapy in New York can vary. Some sources put the price range between $50 an hour and $350 an hour. If you have good medical insurance, that will be able to cover a good amount of the cost, reducing your payment per session to potentially as little as $10 a session.

The Need for Psychological Counseling

Your physical well-being is just part of the recovery process. Your mental health is just as important to consider. A major accident and other kinds of injuries can scar your psyche. It’s not uncommon for people in particularly traumatic situations to develop PTSD. Catastrophic injuries can also leave people feeling depressed by the changes to their body and their routines.

Speaking with a therapist can provide a vent for worries, anxieties, and extreme emotions in a supportive setting. Your therapist can also help you come to terms with changes and adapt your thinking and behaviors for the road ahead.

The Cost of Mental Health Services

Like physical therapy, the cost of mental health services in New York can vary. The price can similarly range from $50 per hour to $300 per hour or more. Insurance can cover some or most of the cost as well depending on your plan and provider.

How Compensatory Damages Work

Compensatory damages are legal damages that cover the material losses associated with an injury. That means emergency medical treatments as well as the cost of long-term recovery. Both physical therapy and and mental health services will be covered by compensatory damages in your personal injury case.

Determining the Cost of Long-Term Rehabilitation

Chances are you may still be undergoing physical rehabilitation and psychological counseling for some time after your case. If so, an estimated cost of current and future rehabilitation needs will be calculated. These will help cover the costs of wellness, and help you face the future with a greater sense of dignity and justice.

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