Common Causes of Neurological Injuries By Gary Zucker on May 14, 2020

Illustration of the brain connected to the spinal cordA neurological injury affects the brain, spine, or the nerves that connect them. These types of injuries tend to be especially debilitating because they can compromise a person’s cognitive, physical, and emotional functions, either temporarily or permanently.

Many neurological injuries are the result of preventable accidents. If a person’s reckless or negligent actions lead to a neurological injury, the personal injury lawyers at Zucker & Regev, P.C. can help accident victims collect compensation for injury damages. Here, we discuss some of the most common causes of neurological injuries that affect our Brooklyn, NY, clients.

Slips or Falls

Slips and falls are a leading cause of neurological injuries. Whether a fall is from a significant height, such as falling off a ladder or falling down the stairs, or just a simple trip over a curb, it can cause major damage to the head, neck, or back. Any type of impact to these parts of the body can damage the neurological structure that lies beneath.

Slips and falls are frequently the result of hazards caused by negligence. Common slip and fall risk factors include uneven surfaces, poor lighting, cracked or damaged surfaces or flooring, wet floors, and tripping obstacles.

Car Accidents

Another common cause of neurological injuries amongst our Brooklyn clients is car accidents. The impact of a car accident can cause the head to strike against another object, which can lead to a brain injury. Even if there is no direct impact, the way the body is impacted in an accident can cause damage to the body’s neurological system.

Car accidents are nearly always caused by reckless or negligent behavior, often on the part of an involved driver. Common causes of car accidents include speeding, ignoring traffic signals, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Construction Accidents

Many victims of neurological injuries are injured while on the job. The field of construction, in particular, is known for its high risk of injury. Construction site accidents such as falls, caught in-betweens, being struck by an object, and electrocutions can all result in neurological injuries.

Sports Injuries

Sports are a great source of entertainment, and they are a good form of exercise. Unfortunately, if the right precautions aren’t taken, our Brooklyn clients can be seriously harmed by a sports injury. Whether athletes fall, are pushed or tackled, or get hit by a ball or other type of sporting equipment, they are at risk for a neurological injury.

Domestic Violence and Assault

Not all neurological injuries are the result of an accident; some are caused by purposeful violent behavior. Violent attacks can lead to neurological damage that alters the way a person thinks, feels, or functions. Perpetrators of assault will likely face criminal charges, but they should be held accountable in civil court as well.

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