Seeking Compensation for Medical Malpractice and Radiation Burns By Guy Regev on June 14, 2020

A gavel and stethoscope Radiation is often a life-saving treatment for cancer, but misuse can lead to severe burns and permanent damage to the affected area. A medical malpractice attorney can help when the negligence of medical professionals leads to serious injuries.

Victims of medical malpractice and radiation burns in Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding areas may be entitled to compensation for their injuries through a medical malpractice lawsuit. At Zucker & Regev, P.C., our attorneys secured a $3.9 million settlement for a cancer patient who experienced severe burns from excessive radiation. Contact our firm to see how we can help with your case. 

Why Are Radiation Burns So Serious?

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional deviates from the expected standard of care and as a result, injures the patient.

For cancer patients receiving radiation, medical malpractice may lead to the patient being exposed to too much radiation, sometimes causing severe, painful burns.

Further, burns in cancer patients with weakened immune systems may lead to infections, which can become life-threatening.

Causes of Radiation Burns

Radiation therapy is commonly used to treat cancer by sending beams of intense energy into cancerous tissue, killing cancerous cells and stopping them from growing. Nearby healthy cells are sometimes affected but typically don't suffer permanent damage.

However, when radiation is not used properly, it can cause permanent damage to healthy cells and lead to serious burns. Some ways that burns may be caused by radiation treatment for clients at our Brooklyn firm include:

  • Radiation is applied to the tissues for an extended period of time
  • The wrong area is treated with radiation
  • The medical professional fails to confirm the patient's radiation dosage or medical history
  • Errors are made by a radiation technician with inexperience or lack of training

Determining Responsibility for Medical Malpractice

When radiation burns are thought to be the result of medical malpractice, determining who is responsible for the negligence is of the utmost importance. This information forms the foundation for a successful medical malpractice case. Each case is unique but some possible parties who may be found responsible for a radiation burn include:

  • The radiation oncologist who determines how much radiation to give a patient
  • The hospital worker responsible for calibrating the radiation machines
  • The radiation technician who treats the patient with radiation
  • The manufacturer of the radiation machine or software

Seeking Compensation

When a medical professional is negligent in the treatment or care of a patient and causes them harm, it may be possible to recover damages for physical injuries as well as pain and suffering.

Victims of radiation burns may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and related damages such as:

  • Medical expenses related to the injury
  • Lost wages if they were unable to work due to radiation burn injuries
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental pain and suffering

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If you live in the Brooklyn area and believe your radiation burn injuries were caused by medical malpractice, we encourage you to call (718) 624-1211. You can also schedule a consultation online with the attorneys of Zucker & Regev.

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