Can I Sue Citi Bike If I Was In an Accident? By Gary Zucker on August 14, 2022

Individual riding a Citi BikeNew York is known for its heavy traffic. Individuals who want to travel the city without relying on the subway system or a personal bike have increasingly come to count on e-bikes. New York’s Citi Bike system offers many benefits, but there are some drawbacks as well.

Citi Bike accidents are not unheard of, and when an e-bike accident occurs, it can result in physical, emotional, and financial damages. Personal injury lawyers from Zucker & Regev, P.C. work with accident victims from the Brooklyn, NY, area to determine if Citi Bike can be sued for accident damages after a crash, and, if so, how accident liability can be proven.

Citi Bike Terms of Agreement

Citi Bike is one of the largest bicycle-sharing services in the United States. When a person chooses to take a Citi Bike for short- or long-term use, they are accepting the company’s terms of agreement, which is basically the same thing as signing a legal contract.

Under Citi Bike’s terms of agreement, anyone who uses a Citi Bike agrees to be solely responsible for maintenance and protection of the bike while it is under their care. This means that, if a person were to crash a Citi Bike or be injured in a Citi Bike accident, they are responsible for their own actions.

Although Citi Bike protects itself from liability for the actions of its users, the company does have its own responsibilities. Citi Bike is responsible for making sure that each of its bikes is prepped and properly maintained so that it is ready for street travel.

Grounds for a Citi Bike Lawsuit

Citi Bike has positioned itself so that they are rarely held fully accountable for accident damages when someone is involved in a crash on one of its bikes. However, there are still situations in which an injury victim can sue Citi Bike for accident damages.

Commuters have the right to expect that a Citi Bike will be properly maintained so that it is safe for travel. If a bike accident occurs because of an equipment malfunction or because of poor maintenance, Citi Bike should be liable for the accident and all related losses. Maintenance and equipment issues that could lead to a Citi Bike accident include:

  • Brake malfunction

  • Tire blowout

  • Improperly attached wheels

  • Loose or corroded handlebars

  • Improperly attached pedals

Evidence to Prove Liability

Because of the terms of agreement waiver that is signed by Citi Bike users, any personal injury claim filed against the company is likely to be complex. It is important that accident victims work with knowledgeable bike accident lawyers, such as those at our Brooklyn law firm so that they have a strong case in their pursuit of compensation.

Our lawyers work alongside accident investigators to gather the evidence necessary to prove that a Citi Bike crash was the result of poor maintenance or a vehicle malfunction. Evidence in a Citi Bike lawsuit may include:

  • Photos or video of the damaged bike

  • Witness testimony

  • Maintenance records

  • Medical records (to demonstrate injury damages)

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