The Most Dangerous Types of Construction Accidents By Gary Zucker on May 22, 2023

Construction workerConstruction is known as one of the most dangerous lines of work. Construction sites contain hazards such as heavy equipment and machinery, scaffolding, ladders, loud noises, and toxic and flammable materials. Any construction accident can result in catastrophic injuries, but some are more dangerous than others.

Here, the construction accident attorneys at Zucker & Regev, P.C., who serve the Brooklyn, NY, area, discuss the most dangerous types of construction accidents. These accidents are classified as the fatal four because they are the leading causes of death among construction workers.


A fall is any type of accident that causes a person to lose their balance or lose the support of their body. Falls can cause a wide range of injuries that vary in severity. Potential consequences of a fall include cuts, contusions, bruises, broken bones, and head injuries.

Construction accident falls tend to be especially dangerous because they often occur at extreme heights. Construction workers regularly work on ladders, scaffolding, and other heightened platforms. Falls on construction sites are frequently fatal. The CDC reports that falls were the leading cause of construction accident fatalities in 2019, accounting for 36.4 percent of the total number of fatalities in the industry that year.

Caught-in or -Between

Caught-in or -between accidents refer to situations where a construction worker is pinned by or caught between machinery or fixed structures. Caught-in and -between accidents may occur when a trench or excavation site caves in or when machinery has unguarded moving parts.

The CDC ranks caught-in and -between accidents as one of the four leading causes of construction accident deaths. In 2019, these types of accidents accounted for 5.4 percent of construction fatalities. Non-fatal caught-in and -between accidents can result in catastrophic injuries such as internal bleeding, organ damage, and amputation.


Struck-by accidents are similar to caught-in and -between accidents. Struck-by injuries occur when an object or piece of equipment forcibly strikes a construction worker. Struck-by hazards include rolling objects, swinging objects, flying objects, and falling objects.

Struck-by accidents are another leading cause of fatal construction injuries. In 2019, 15.4 percent of fatalities in the construction industry were the result of struck-by accidents. Brooklyn construction workers who survive a struck-by accident may be left with catastrophic injuries that cause long-term or permanent damage. Potential struck-by injuries include broken bones, organ damage, traumatic spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.


Electrocutions complete the list of the fatal four construction accidents. Construction sites contain many electrical hazards, including overhead and underground power lines, circuit assemblies, and cable harnesses. According to CDC data, electrocutions account for 7.2 percent of industry fatalities. Other dangers of electrocution accidents include shock, burns, and organ damage.

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