My Dog Was Hit by a Car: Can I Sue the Negligent Driver? By Gary Zucker on December 12, 2023

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Owning a dog can be rewarding and great for your general sense of well-being. Sadly, there are many dangers on the streets. Even responsible dog owners may be affected by negligent drivers who may strike their dogs. If this happens to you and your dog, you may have legal recourse against the negligent driver in a personal injury claim. The dog is considered your property.

The team at Zucker & Regev, P.C. would like to consider these kinds of accidents and what they may mean for you. You can contact our law office between Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn for a consultation to discuss what legal options are available.

Determining Fault When a Dog Is Injured

Liability varies based on the circumstances of the accident. There are some cases in which you may not have legal options because you are deemed at fault.

Why the Dog Owner May Be at Fault

A dog owner may be at fault for the accident if they did not have their dog on a leash at the time of the accident. J-walking or standing partially in an intersection or crosswalk could also mean the dog owner is liable for the accident.

Why the Driver May Be at Fault

A driver may be liable in these kinds of accidents if they did not observe the right of way, violated traffic laws, or operated their vehicle while intoxicated.

Other Parties Who May Be at Fault

If you hire a dogwalker to care for your pet while you are away at work or a function, the dogwalker could be liable for what happened depending on the situation. Other parties could also bear some responsibility if there were malfunctioning traffic lights or debris in the road that contributed to the accident.

A Lawyer Can Carefully Examine What Happened

New York personal injury cases operate on a principle of comparative negligence. That means that a claimant can still recover damages even if they are partially at fault for an accident.

An attorney is essential in determining whether or not you have a case and if pursuing the case is worth the time and effort.

What Legal Damages Can Cover in These Kinds of Cases

If you do pursue legal action for the injury of your dog, you can seek damages to address various losses caused by the accident.

The Cost of Veterinary Care and Other Expenses

Damages in a civil lawsuit can cover the veterinarian bills and the cost of any medical treatment your pet receives. If the accident took the life of your pet, damages can also cover funeral expenses.

Pain and Suffering Related to the Accident

Losing a pet can be traumatic. If you miss work or require counseling after the loss of your pet, these costs can also figure into the damages you seek.

How Our Lawyers in Brooklyn Can Help

Whether the accident happened in Williamsburg, Park Slope, Fort Greene, or Crown Heights, you can count on our law firm to offer assistance. During a consultation, we can assess what happened and let you know what your next steps are.

Contact Our Brooklyn Law Firm

Get the legal help you need to address the damages and hardships of an accident. To set up a consultation, contact our team of attorneys in Brooklyn today. Our entire law office looks forward to providing answers to your questions.

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