I Got Hurt at an Airbnb Rental: Can I File a Lawsuit? By Gary Zucker on March 05, 2024

foot wrapped in a bandageMany people turn to Airbnb for vacation rentals and short term stays. While most people will have an uneventful stay, accidents can happen. When an accident occurs as a result of the property owner’s negligence, there may be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit

When seeking compensation for injuries resulting from hazardous conditions in an Airbnb rental, it’s important to understand all of your legal options. At Zucker & Regev, P.C., our premises liability attorneys offer consultations in BrooklynNY, to help determine the best legal options for those injured in an Airbnb rental. 

Can You Sue for Injuries Caused by an Airbnb Accident?

Yes, filing a lawsuit for injuries suffered in an Airbnb accident is possible. People who host their properties through Airbnb have a duty of care to those who rent their properties. If they fail to maintain their property and are negligent, it may be possible to file a premises liability lawsuit to recover damages for injuries resulting from their negligence. 

About Premises Liability and Airbnb Hosts

Premises liability refers to legal claims that result from a hazardous condition on another person’s property. 

When it comes to Airbnb rentals, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to take care of their property and make necessary repairs to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment. For example, property owners should repair loose handrails that can cause someone to fall down the stairs or repair leaking pipes that cause the floor to become wet and slippery.  

If the property owner is negligent in maintaining their property and a tenant subsequently suffers an injury, the owner may be held liable under premises liability laws.  

Is Airbnb Also Liable?

Airbnb does have some level of responsibility to those who use their services. Airbnb has a duty to verify hosts, such as running background checks, and looking into guest complaints when a safety issue is brought up. Even so, the property owner bears the primary responsibility in maintaining their property and keeping it safe. 

With that said, Airbnb provides host liability insurance that provides hosts with $1 million in coverage if the host is found legally responsible for a guest getting hurt while staying on their property.

In situations where Airbnb refuses to pay the injured party fairly, it may be possible to recover fair compensation by taking legal action against Airbnb and the host.  

Seeking Damages

Through a premises liability lawsuit, it may be possible to recover financial compensation for damages resulting from injuries sustained in an Airbnb rental. Damages may include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

The best way to know if you have a strong case for a premises liability lawsuit is to speak with one of our Brooklyn premises liability lawyers. 

Contact the Premises Liability Attorneys of Zucker & Regev, P.C.

If you have been injured in an Airbnb rental, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages. To learn more about your legal options, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our Brooklyn premises liability attorneys. 

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