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Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome is caused by too much pressure on or in the arms, legs, or abdomen. Failure to diagnose it can have dire consequences. 

The medical malpractice attorneys of Zucker & Regev, P.C. can hold doctors liable if they fail to administer treatment.

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What Is Compartment Syndrome? An Overview

Attorney Gary Zucker can help obtain compensation for your suffering with a compartment syndrome lawsuit. This condition occurs when bleeding or swelling in a person's muscles after an injury or surgery creates enormous pressure. Left untreated, it can permanently damage a patient's nerves or muscles, or even lead to a shutdown of their vital organs.

The Causes of Compartment Syndrome Why It Happens

A compartment refers to a grouping of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. These compartments are held in place by connective tissue known as fascia. Unfortunately, because the fascia does not expand, excessive pressure can build up in a compartment and affect blood flow.

The causes of compartment syndrome can vary based on the type of condition a person suffers from. Acute compartment syndrome is different from chronic compartment syndrome.

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Acute Compartment Syndrome

Acute compartment syndrome usually follows catastrophic injury, such as bone fractures, severe contusions of the muscle tissue, surgical mistakes, or crushed limbs. A tight bandage or cast that restricts blood circulation can also cause the condition.

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Chronic Compartment Syndrome

Chronic compartment syndrome is typically the result of repetitive impact during physical activity, such as high-impact sports or strenuous exercise. People are not physically injured per se, but they increase compartment pressure from overexertion.

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Whether chronic or acute, compartment syndrome needs to be taken seriously. When the negligence of a doctor leads to health problems, it's crucial that you speak with the lawyers of Zucker & Regev, P.C.

Attorney Gary A. Zucker founded this Brooklyn law firm in 1984 and has achieved many successful medical malpractice verdicts and settlements for clients. He holds an AV pre-eminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a trusted resource that evaluates the ethical behavior and reputation of lawyers. Attorney Guy S. Regev is a medical doctor who also practices law. This gives him a nuanced understanding of both standard of care and breach of duty with regard to medical malpractice.

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Signs and Symptoms of Compartment Syndrome

While acute and chronic compartment syndrome differ, they share a few common symptoms. Be sure to speak with a doctor as soon as your recognize any of these typical warning signs.

Pain and Burning Sensation

As the pressure builds in the affected part of the body, varying levels of discomfort are not uncommon. Be mindful of any pain in the limbs or abdomen.

Muscle Tightening and Cramping

The muscles of the affected body part may feel especially tight or cramp up even while at rest.

Weakness in the Affected Body Part

Reduced circulation and constricted nerves can make the affected compartment feel weaker than usual. This weakness accompanies other symptoms.

Muscle Swelling and Bulging

The pressure of the compartment can make the affected muscles look swollen. This means bulging legs and arms, or a distended abdomen.

Limb Numbness and Paralysis

If acute compartment syndrome reaches an advanced stage, the lasting damage can result in numbness or paralysis of the affected body part.

Problems with Urination

In cases of abdominal compartment syndrome, patients may complain of slower urine flow or an inability to urinate due to excessive pressure.

Diagnosis and Treatments for Acute and Chronic Compartment Syndrome

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Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Doctors often recommend non-invasive treatments and lifestyle modifications to treat cases of chronic compartment syndrome. Taking a break from strenuous exercise routines is usually effective at improving blood flow and allowing the affected compartment to recover. Doctors may also recommend modifying normal workout routines, physical therapy to stretch the affected muscle group, orthotic inserts, and anti-inflammatory medication. All of these actions are intended to rest the muscles and institute preventive measures that avoid future cases of chronic compartment syndrome.

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Surgical Treatment Options

Surgery will be required to treat all cases of acute compartment syndrome and advanced cases of chronic compartment syndrome. Known as a fasciotomy, this surgery involves cutting open the surrounding fascia in order to reduce pressure on the affected compartment. The fasciotomy will relieve pressure on the blood vessels and nerves, improving circulation in the process. Following surgery, patients should experience fewer and less severe symptoms of the condition. Doctors may recommend lifestyle and exercise modifications after surgery to prevent future health problems.

Attorneys Who Hold Doctors Accountable Help with Medical Malpractice Claims

Proper diagnosis and timely treatment are essential for overcoming compartment syndrome without lasting repercussions. That's why our Brooklyn lawyers handle cases of medical malpractice with additional diligence.

In his many decades as an attorney, Mr. Zucker has helped countless clients reach favorable medical malpractice verdicts. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Trial Lawyers Association. Dr. Regev has experience in both medical and legal professions, and is a member of the American College of Legal Medicine and the American Association of Justice, among other highly regarded societies.

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Compartment Syndrome Misdiagnosis The Consequences of Negligence

We count on doctors to properly diagnose medical problems and treat them accordingly. Yet medical professionals can make costly mistakes even when all the symptoms of a condition are present. A delayed diagnosis or a failure to diagnose compartment syndrome can have life-changing, even tragic, repercussions.

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Permanent Disability

If a doctor does not diagnose compartment syndrome soon enough, the excessive pressure on the nerves and other tissue of the muscle compartment can lead the permanent loss of use of an arm or leg. This is why symptoms like numbness and paralysis of a limb have to be taken seriously.

Technician fitting patient with prosthetic leg

Loss of a Limb

Restricted blood flow can lead to oxygen deprivation and necrosis of the affected compartment. In such cases, amputation of the arm or leg will be necessary. Even with prosthesis, patients need to make major adjustments to life without that limb, which could have been saved with proper treatment.

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Fatal Complications

Untreated compartment syndrome of the abdomen can cause a shutdown of vital organs. If an emergency fasciotomy and live-saving care is not administered in time, this complication could prove fatal. Surviving loved ones can seek a wrongful death claim in such unfortunate circumstances.

Compartment Syndrome Lawsuits Medical Malpractice Settlements and Damages

When handling medical malpractice and wrongful death claims related to compartment syndrome, the lawyers of Zucker & Regev, P.C. will first seek a fair settlement to avoid going to trial. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will take the case to court in hopes of a favorable verdict so clients can collect damages. In either circumstance, our attorneys will focus on what is best for the client.

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Pre-Trial Settlements

A legal settlement is a resolution that is reached between two parties in a lawsuit before the case goes all the way to trial. By settling, the details of the case are not made public and a lengthy court case is avoided. Most medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits are settled out of court. It can take time to negotiate a fair settlement with a hospital or medical facility, which is why our attorneys will remain diligent no matter how long the process takes.

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Legal Damages

If a lawsuit proceeds all the way to trial, our lawyers will present the case, demonstrating a failure to diagnose and breach of duty when administering medical care. Compensatory damages will be sought to cover financial and material losses associated with the medical error. Punitive damages can also be sought to punish the negligent party for their actions. The amount for punitive damages can be determined by noting similar verdicts in the state of New York.

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