Car Accidents while Driving for Work: FAQs By Gary Zucker on November 21, 2020

car accidentFollowing a car accident there are important insurance and liability issues to sort out. These are essential determinations because they identify who is responsible for accident damages and financial losses.

Sorting out car accident liability issues can be more complicated if an accident occurs while someone is driving for work. Here, the Brooklyn, NYcar accident attorneys at Zucker & Regev, P.C., answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding car accidents that take place while driving for work.

What Should I Do after the Accident?

Individuals involved in a car accident while driving for work should approach the situation as they would any other car accident. The first priority is to seek out necessary medical attention right away. If immediate medical attention is not needed, drivers should collect as much information as possible from the scene of the accident.

Following a car crash drivers should exchange driver’s license, car insurance, and contact information with other involved drivers. The police should be notified so that a report can be filed. If there are any witnesses to the accident, their contact information should be collected as well. If it is possible, photos should be taken of the accident scene and involved vehicles.

As soon as possible after the accident, drivers should make a report to their insurance company. Individuals who are driving for work should also report the accident to their employer so that a report can be filed with their employer’s insurance company, and, if necessary, workers’ compensation.

What if the Accident Wasn’t My Fault?

If a car accident was the fault of another driver, their insurance company is responsible for covering the damages of the accident. However, the accident must still be reported to your employer. If there are certain accident damages that do not get covered by the other driver’s insurance company (such as medical expenses or lost wages), the employee has a right to file a claim with workers’ compensation.

What if the Accident Was My Fault?

If someone is driving for work at the time of a collision and the accident is their fault, their employer’s insurance should be responsible for covering accident damages. Employers are generally responsible for all actions taken by an employee when they are performing job duties.

Two kinds of employer insurance may come into play in a work car accident: liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

  • Liability insurance - Liability insurance covers damages caused by a reckless or negligent employee. In the event of a car accident, liability insurance should cover the damages of other drivers or passengers injured in the accident. Liability insurance should cover losses such as property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.
  • Workers’ compensation - Even if an employee is responsible for a car accident, they have the right to pursue workers’ compensation if they are injured. Workers’ compensation is meant to cover an employee’s damages, including medical expenses and lost wages.

Can I Be Sued?

Many Brooklyn drivers wonder if they can be sued for damages resulting from an accident that takes place while they are driving for work. Even if an employee is at fault for the accident, they should not be sued. Their employer’s liability insurance should cover accident damages and protect them from personal accident liability.

What if I Was Driving My Personal Vehicle?

The liability and insurance issues discussed above typically only apply if an employee is driving a company vehicle at the time of the accident, and if they are performing work duties when the accident occurs. However, if a person regularly drivers their personal vehicle for work, they can usually add on a rider policy with their insurance company, so that they are provided further liability protection.

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