Chain Reaction Car Accidents By Gary Zucker on August 18, 2021

car accidentCar accidents frequently result in serious personal injuries and costly financial losses. The damages of a car accident are especially steep when more than two vehicles are involved, as is the case with chain reaction car accidents

Determining fault for a chain reaction car accident is more complex than sorting out liability for most other types of crashes. Chain reaction car accident injury victims in the Brooklyn, NY, area can work with auto accident lawyers at Zucker & Regev, P.C. to establish liability, and go after responsible parties for losses stemming from the car crash.

How Do Chain Reaction Car Accidents Occur?

Chain reaction car accidents nearly always start out with a rear end collision. What usually happens is that one driver (Driver A) comes to a stop and the driver behind them (Driver B) fails to respond and stop their vehicle on time, instead colliding with the rear end of the first vehicle. This first crash, or initial impact, then leads to a chain reaction of collisions. 

Chain reaction car accidents can extend from the front and/or back of the first collision. For instance, using the example above, the force of the first collision may push Driver A’s vehicle into the vehicle in front of them (Driver C), and that chain can continue as long as the inertia of the accident is strong enough, or as long as there are cars left in the chain. Similarly, Driver D may be following behind Driver B when they strike Driver A. If Driver D is not following at a safe distance, they will not have time to stop their vehicle and may crash into Driver B from behind, adding on to the chain reaction. 

Liability for Chain Reaction Car Accidents

With so many vehicles and drivers involved, determining fault for a chain reaction car accident is complex. In these situations, it is a good idea for accident victims to work with a knowledgeable car accident attorney, such as those at our Brooklyn law firm, to establish who is liable for accident damages.

When recreating a chain reaction car accident to determine liability, it is important to establish a timeline of the crash. Identifying the initial impact is essential, because the driver who caused that crash is usually predominantly (or wholly) liable for the entirety of the chain reaction car accident.

While the person who causes the initial crash in a chain reaction car accident often holds the majority of accident liability, other drivers may be partially responsible. If drivers failed to maintain a safe distance between their vehicle and others, or if other negligent practices contributed to the car accident, they may be assigned some degree of fault.

Damages in Chain Reaction Car Accidents 

Chain reaction car accidents often result in substantial damages, because there are so many people that can suffer losses. Any accident injuries can result in pain and suffering, as well as financial losses including medical expenses and lost wages. Even if an insurance company accepts liability on behalf of their insured, they are unlikely to offer a settlement that fully accounts for accident damages. Rather than accepting an insufficient offer, accident victims can work with our Brooklyn lawyers to file a civil suit and pursue an acceptable financial settlement.

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