I Got Injured at Prospect Park: Who Can Be Held Legally Liable? By Gary Zucker on April 25, 2024

Man in park with an injured shoulder as friends look on in the background

Zucker & Regev has helped countless families all over New York City over the years. Our personal injury attorneys in Brooklyn, NY, love this city and want to make sure long-time residents, transplants, and tourists have legal assistance following an accident or preventable injury.

With the weather warming and spring upon us, plenty of people will be flocking to Prospect Park for picnics, dates, concerts, and even organized runs. When accidents occur in or around Prospect Park, you might wonder about your legal options. Let’s go over a few kinds of accidents that could occur and who you may be able to sue in these instances.

Injuries While Walking in Prospect Park

Slips, trips, and falls are possible while you’re walking around Prospect Park. That applies to accidents caused by uneven pavement or sidewalks in the park or around it, as well as trails within the park itself. There could also be trip and fall hazards due to fallen tree limbs and crumbling stairs.

In the vast majority of cases, the city can be held liable for these sorts of injuries on or around Prospect Park.

Running Accidents in Prospect Park

The shared running and bike track within Prospect Park provide excellent loops to keep people in shape. Yet all kinds of accidents could affect runners at the park.

Liability in these cases will depend on the nature of the accident. Injuries caused by poorly maintained blacktop surfaces are generally the fault of the city. If a runner is hit by a bicyclist, the biker may be liable or liability may be shared by both parties. There’s also the chance a negligent motorist can be sued for hitting a runner.

Bike Accidents in and Around Prospect Park

Similar liability concerns are shared when it comes to bike accidents, whether it’s a traditional bike or a crash involving an e-bike. The city, another pedestrian or bicyclist, or a negligent motorist may be at fault.

Car and Truck Accidents in and Around Prospect Park

Earlier in the month we looked at car and truck accidents around Grand Army Plaza and the north end of Prospect Park. These roadways are very busy given how many people are trying to get to Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Central Library, or other parts of the city. Liability here can vary depending on the nature of the accident.

Accidents at Various Prospect Park Structures

Spring and summertime are full of joyous events at Prospect Park, including concerts at the Bandshell and private events at the Boathouse, Litchfield Villa, and the Parade Ground at the south end of the park.

If an accident occurs at these locations, the city will usually be liable for injuries. For events at these Prospect Park venues or structures, the event organizers may be the ones responsible for injuries to patrons, guests, or attendees.

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