E-Bike Accident Lawsuits: What You Should Know By Gary Zucker on December 27, 2023

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E-bikes are all over New York City. They’re used by countless New Yorkers to commute around different boroughs and by delivery drivers to get us lunch and dinner at home and at work. Yet there’s always a danger when it comes to getting from point A to point B, and sometimes it’s due to another person’s negligence.

The Brooklyn attorneys at Zucker & Regev would like to examine the safety and dangers of e-bikes. We’ll also note if you can file a personal injury lawsuit following an e-bike crash.

How Dangerous Are E-Bikes?

As long as e-bikes are used responsibly and people wear a helmet and other protection as needed, they should be safe. Many people in Brooklyn use e-bikes. Of course, even safe e-bicyclists are at risk of getting into accidents.

Causes of E-Bike Accidents

There are many causes of e-bike accidents, but some of the deadlier ones include:

  • Excessive Speed - An e-bike can reach top speeds between 15mph and 28mph. That’s much faster than a regular pedal bike, which means greater danger to the rider, fellow bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Inattentive Drivers - When drivers are not paying attention, they could accidentally hit e-bikes or bicyclists when opening the door while getting out of their vehicle. There is also the danger of cars or trucks driving in, parking in, or otherwise obscuring designated bike lanes.
  • Reckless e-bike Riders - Sometimes an e-bike rider is not paying attention to the road or wearing reflective attire while biking at night. This makes accidents more likely.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Fires - While regulations have been passed to improve safety, there is a risk of lithium-ion e-bike batteries causing fires. As reported by ABC News earlier this year, there were 219 e-bike battery fires in 2022, which caused 147 injuries and six deaths.

Types of Injuries That May Be Sustained in an E-Bike Accident

Keep in mind that e-bike injuries can be very serious. According to a 2018 study in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, the injuries sustained on an e-bike are more consistent with the trauma people experience from a motorcycle accident.

The severity of e-bike injuries is due to the speed of the e-bike and the lax safety gear worn by e-bike riders.

Since people wear casual attire or work attire on an e-bike rather than motorcycle gear, there is a risk for riders experiencing serious cuts, broken bones, and even injury to the back or spinal cord. For pedestrians or other bicyclists, injuries can be just as severe.

Can I Sue for Damages After Being Hit by an E-Bike?

Potentially, yes.

It depends on the circumstances of the accident and who was liable for what happened.

Who Is Liable in an E-Bike Accident?

The person who acted negligently is typically considered liable for an e-bike crash. This could be an inattentive driver, the make of the lithium-ion battery, the bicyclist, or even the maker of the e-bike itself.

When you come to our Brooklyn personal injury law office, we will listen to you as you describe what happened. You can expect sound legal advice and counsel, and we will let you know if you have a case.

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