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Angelo turned to Gary A. Zucker & Associates, P.C. to get help from our New York medical malpractice lawyer after his wife was the victim of medical malpractice.

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ANGELO: In 1993 my wife had a series of various medical surgeries. She had taken a prescribed medication, which was a blood pressure pill. She took it in the afternoon and by nighttime I happened to be down in the basement. I think my daughter came down and says mommy’s - something with my mother, you know, her mother. So when I came upstairs I happened to see her on the-- I happened to see her on the floor and she had a very difficult breathing at the time. I could see that. Went to the emergency room on Staten Island and at that point she was in a coma which lasted probably about three weeks. That period of time it was mentioned to me that I should maybe consider seeking legal action against the doctor. I really didn't want to do it at the time. It was just against my principles to do something like that. I thought it was just a very unfortunate situation that happened. But as time went on I was made to realize that there was a negligence on the part of the doctor and I contacted the law firm of Zucker and Ballen, and I happened to be put onto Gary Zucker. And from the moment I - and this is an absolute accurate statement - from the moment that I spoke with Gary on the phone I knew I was in good hands with Gary Zucker because he was very, very compassionate, very considerate of my emotional feelings at the time, and very understanding of what the situation was. But Gary guided me in the legality of my rights and actually my wife’s rights. I’d recommend Gary to anybody.

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