Affording Cerebral Palsy

Affording Cerebral Palsy


Attorney Gary Zucker can help families ensure appropriate financial compensation for their child's cerebral palsy through a medical malpractice suit. Caused by physical trauma or oxygen deprivation to the brain during birth, this serious condition can result in considerable physical and mental impairments. Mr. Zucker and his team can help families with affording cerebral palsy treatment, which can be extremely costly over time.

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Some of the most tragic cases that we have in this office involve children who suffer from cerebral palsy as a result of injuries they suffered during the birth process. Cerebral palsy can cause a child to suffer physical and oftentimes mental challenges as well. It results from a brain injury and can be due either to damage to the brain from a trauma during the delivery process or, very frequently, to the deprivation of oxygen to the baby during the delivery process. These are devastating injuries that not only affect the child but they affect the entire family. And we've been able, in those cases, to obtain substantial recoveries on behalf of these families. We've been able to get access to these funds before the child reaches the age of 18 because the courts recognize the serious needs of these children due to the terrible injuries from which they suffer. We've been able to get court permission to buy homes, to buy swimming pools if the children need aqua therapy, to get all sorts of equipment that may be necessary, to buy special vans. So if your child suffers from cerebral palsy, please give us a call.

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