Failure to Diagnose Stroke

Understand the Legal Ramifications of a Failure to Diagnose Stroke


One of the most common types of medical malpractice suits handled by Attorney Gary Zucker and his team is failure to diagnose stroke. Most strokes are preceded by easily identified symptoms and can be prevented, if appropriate measures are taken. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke after presenting these symptoms to your doctor, there may be cause for a medical malpractice suit.

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Another type of medical malpractice case that we handle frequently in this office is the failure to diagnose a stroke. A stroke is when there's a compromise of the blood supply to the brain that can have devastating effects to the patient and occasional can be fatal. There are two types of strokes. One type of stroke is when there's a blockage of the blood flow to the brain, typically through the carotid artery. The second type of stroke is when there's a bleed in the brain. And there are warning signs that frequently occur before either of these types of strokes. When there's a blockage, patients will frequently present with what's called a mini-stroke. Whenever a patient has a mini-stroke, that's a forewarning that that patient is now at risk of having a major stroke. And so when a patient presents with that, the doctors have to check to make sure that there's no blockage of blood flow to the brain. If there is, and that can be confirmed by CAT scan and other measures, there are procedures that can be done to open up these arteries to allow for the resumption of normal blood flow and prevent the occurrence of a major stroke. With hemorrhagic strokes, that is a bleed in the brain, patients will sometimes present to the emergency room or to their doctor with complaints of a very severe headache. The typical complaint is the worst headache of the patient's life. When that occurs, the doctors have to rule out a stroke through CAT scan and other measures. They can frequently go in and do procedures, which can repair the blood vessel before the blood vessel breaks and there is a bleed and a major stroke. So if anyone in your family has suffered a stroke and presented to a doctor with any of these symptoms prior to the stroke, please give us a call.

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