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When it comes to breast cancer, malpractice can involve misdiagnosis or improper treatment. Breast cancer malpractice cases are among the most complex and difficult medical malpractice cases. Fortunately, the attorneys at Zucker & Regev, P.C., have the confidence and the medical background to take on these cases.

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First of all, breast cancer refers to cancer of one of the various parts of the breast tissue. Breast cancer malpractice cases involve either misdiagnosis or improper treatment which was rendered in connection with breast cancer. The most important thing that we must address in medical malpractice cases involving breast cancer is whether an error led to a worsened prognosis. Of course, if a stage one breast cancer has now turned into a stage three, it follows that the patient or the client would have a worsened prognosis, and therefore, would be left in a much worse position both health-wise as well as economically. Our job is to make sure we investigate cases and claims of medical malpractice to try to assess whether or not an error occurred in the diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer, and whether that error led to worsened prognosis for the patient. It's important to have a lawyer on your side on every type of medical malpractice action that's because these are considered to be one of the most complicated types of legal cases that exist. In fact, they have a separate track that they go through at the courthouse. It's not the regular track. It's the complex track. Even personal injury attorneys that focus on injury cases are afraid to go down that road, so it goes without saying that you must have a medical practice attorney represent you in a medical malpractice case. Your personal history medical history that is relevant to assessing your risk for developing breast cancer involves not only your family history, and that has to be a detailed review of not only breast cancer but also endometrial cancer and other types of cancers that your family members have experienced. In addition to that, there has to be a thorough review of your own medical history, which involves your breast's history but also history related to other organ systems. Finally, if you have had any abnormal surgical findings from either biopsies or samples of your breast in the past, those also have to be reviewed and taken into account when calculating your risk for developing future breast cancer. Breast cancer, it is important to note is not limited to women. Men get breast cancer too. In terms of women who are of average risk of developing breast cancer, and that is typically considered to be risk of less than 15% of lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, the recommendations for screening depends on a woman's age between the age of 40 to 49 a wide variety of guidelines recommend shared decision making between the healthcare provider, and the woman when it comes to what type of screening may be appropriate at that time. However, when it comes to women that are between the ages of 50 and 74, the consensus that breast cancer screening should be performed becomes far more clear. Typically, for women who are of average risk of developing breast cancer, mammography is the primary modality for performing that screening. The recommendations with regards to mammography are typically to have it performed every two years. Once you get into women who are of moderate risk, that is risk that is higher than 15%, a wide variety of guidelines and societies recommend screening with other modalities than mere mammography. Those may involve MRIs as well as ultrasounds. Women who are considered to be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer are the ones whose lifetime risk of developing cancer is estimated to be above 20%, and for these women, it is crucial that they are advised to undergo screening using MRIs and screening modalities other than mere mammography. What is so unique about breast cancer and therefore breast cancer malpractice is that it involves a wide variety of specialists. We're talking about radiologists, gynecologists, primary care doctors, cancer doctors, cancer surgeons, and others, and therefore, it is crucial that a medical practice attorney is aware of the wide variety of players that may be involved in such a lawsuit. Sonograms or ultrasounds are a technology that is very similar to the technology that is used to assess women when they're pregnant, and the role of ultrasound is typically to follow abnormal findings on mammograms. If abnormal findings are discovered on mammograms, ultrasounds are used not only to locate where those abnormalities exist, and to assess their shape and characteristics but also to guide procedures such as biopsies, which is then used to sample those abnormal findings. When working with Zucker & Regev on any type of medical malpractice or personal injury case, any client can expect us to be, number one, respectful of them, of their family, of their injuries, and of their case. And number two, they can expect us to be fierce advocates for them, fierce and competent advocates who are familiar with every facet of the law and the medicine that relates to their case.

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