Compartment Syndrome Lawsuit

Ensure Financial Compensation with a Compartment Syndrome Lawsuit


Attorney Gary Zucker can help obtain compensation for your suffering with a compartment syndrome lawsuit. This condition occurs when bleeding or swelling in a person's muscles after an injury or surgery creates enormous pressure. Left untreated, it can permanently damage a patient's nerves or muscles, or even lead to a shutdown of their vital organs.

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Compartment syndrome is something that occurs as a result of bleeding and swelling within the muscle compartments of the body following an injury or a surgery. It occurs as a result of swelling and bleeding within the muscle compartments and creates tremendous pressure, which if not relieved, can result in permanent nerve and muscle damage. Or, in the case of abdominal compartment syndrome, can result in the shutdown of our vital organs. When this occurs, it's necessary for the doctor to make a cut or what's called a fasciotomy to open up that area of the body to relieve the pressure. This injury is often diagnosed when a patient presents with pain far in excess of what one would expect following the type of injury that occurred. When that does happen, compartment syndrome must be suspected and must be corrected before there's permanent injury or death. If you or a loved one have suffered compartment syndrome, please give us a call.

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