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With considerable experience representing claims against government entities, attorney Gary Zucker is well-versed in the special rules and limitations surrounding these cases. Injuries or violations in federal facilities such as VA hospitals or on state- or city-owned properties can be particularly complicated to file a lawsuit for. Because there is always a limited time frame in which to make a claim, it is essential that clients contact Mr. Zucker and his team as soon as possible.

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Many of our cases involve claims against various types of government entities. It could be against the federal, the United States, it could be against a state, it could be against a city. We run into these frequently in the federal government if there's a claim, for instance, for medical malpractice against a VA hospital. There could be also claims against the state. We run into that frequently with state hospitals or state-owned facilities, state-owned parks, and with the city of New York and other surrounding municipalities. We also have claims that could involve accidents that happen on city-owned property or city-owned vehicles. But whenever there's a claim against a government entity there are separate rules that apply. The first and foremost rule is that there's always a limitation on the time within which to file the claim against the governmental entity, and some of these time constraints are very short. That's why it's extremely important that the clients contact us as soon as possible so that we do not allow this time to pass and then have to go to the court and ask for an extension of time, which we may or may not be able to get. The federal government and the state are a little stricter in the sense that you don't get a jury trial if you sue the federal government or you sue the state of New York. And the judges who make these decisions on these cases tend to be more favorable to the government than juries tend to be and they tend to be less generous when giving out awards. What's most important to bear in mind is that if you're injured in a city hospital, or a state hospital, or a federal veteran's hospital, or you're injured on property owned by the federal government or the state government or the city of New York, it's vital that you get in touch with us immediately so that we make certain that we can file the necessary papers in order to preserve your right to bring that claim and to recover for your injuries.

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