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Hillis successfully sought compensation for her injuries with the help from Mr. Gary A. Zucker, the medical malpractice attorney of Gary A. Zucker & Associates, P.C.

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HILLIS: Hi, my name is Hillis and what happened to me was I had something called myelopathy that I went to a doctor who I thought knew what he was doing and didn't, and I went and got a second opinion and found out that the disc in my neck was crushing my spinal cord. Had surgery, had two surgeries and the surgeries kind of put me back on my feet. Let’s just put it that way. I’m not completely 100 percent back to the way I was before but I'm about 75, 80 percent back better than I was before the surgery. I was a total, total wreck. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I couldn't walk, I couldn't use the bathroom, I couldn't bathe myself, I couldn't do anything for myself at all. Just had a baby, couldn't take care of her. And I met Mr. Zucker, and I was really happy I did. I came here after trying a lot of lawyers that wouldn't take the case and Mr. Zucker listened to my case. I am so grateful. It’s like incredible, of how grateful I am to Mr. Zucker. If anyone ever told me - I've got a whole bunch of his cards in my wallet and if anyone asks me about a lawyer I just hand them the card or I just call out his name and tell them his number. I have his number on my speed dialer on my phone and everything so if I ever need him for anything else he will be the first one I will call - first person I will call. Because he listened. That goes a long ways in life when you could listen to somebody. He sat just like how you're doing now, and shaking his head with everything I said, and listened. Periodically he’ll throw a question at me, and I was able to answer it, and then he sat back, and he listened some more. And that was my-- I started to cry the minute I signed the retainer, the tears started to run down my face. I said do you know how long it took me to get somebody to have me sign a retainer? So it was a blessing. It’s a blessing all day long. I would recommend him to anybody who asks for a lawyer.

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